An occasional blog on the challenges and celebrations and all the weird and funny stuff that happens when you’re living outside your comfort zone. In this case Belgium.

It is general musings, but is really intended for my two daughters – Olive and Edie, as a sort of diary of some of my musings, just in case I don’t get to an age old enough so that they might understand who i am or what I think about (I was 47 when Olive was born, almost 49 when Edie arrived).

The move to Belgium has been hugely challenging and required strength and resources Chrissy and I had never anticipated, so it is an interesting time to write, to contain the negative and to find the upside.


the blog evolves with time – and more colour is creeping in as we adapt , adapt , adapt.


If it serves also as a cautionary tale for others, then so be it, but having done so I  hope it does not serve to significantly deter anyone from exploring their boundaries and finding new horizons.





4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello!
    I am Malte Zeeck with InterNations.org. While looking for great expat blogs on Antwerp I stumbled upon yours and was instantly convinced by your great writing and contents! I am sure that the members of our expat network will feel the same way. I would love to share your great blog with our community on InterNations.org as part of our Recommended Blog on Antwerp section. We will not only feature and link to your blog, but also give you the opportunity to tell us a little bit about yourself in our questionnaire. We have also designed a badge of quality for placement on your blog.

    If you are interested, I would love to hear back from you. Please contact me via mail: maltezeeck@internations.org.
    Malte Zeeck

  2. Hello,

    My name is Laurence Van Liedekerke and I work for the VRT, the Flemish Broadcasting Company. I’m currently researching a new tv-program, Fans of Flanders, that will go live mid-september. The idea is to make a television program about Flanders for all the expats living here in order to let them know just how wonderfully quirky this little piece of Belgium can actually be. Together with the program, we are also working on a website that will go live mid-september as well… that is, if we can find some expats who would like to blog for us about their life in Flanders. And that’s why I’m knocking on your virtual door…

    Seen as your blog caught my eye, I wondered if you would be interested to blog for us on a regular basis (like for instance once or twice a month (but more often is possible if you would want to)). What you blog about, would be up to you… whether it’s about the good, the bad, the bold, the ugly, the delicious or the unexpected; we want to know your views about it all, as long as it’s about your life in Flanders!

    We plan to put the blogs on a specific page on our website (as well as on the homepage when first published), where all entries will be kept and links to your own blog will appear with your blog post if you want. In other words: we can offer you fame, but alas no fortune.

    If you could let me know if you’re interested to work with us, I would very much appreciate it, because we are putting together the blogteam as we speak 🙂

    And if you need any more information about Fans of Flanders, who we are or what we do, please feel free to contact me (you will find my contact information below).

    Kind regards and hope to hear from you soon!

    Laurence Van Liedekerke
    Editor Fans of Flanders
    VRT – Boondoggle – Borgerhoff & Lamberigts TV
    Mail: laurence@borgerhoff-lamberigts.be

    • Hi Laurence, better late than never, I just left town as your request arrived, otherwise I would have happily been involved, I’m resident in Virginia North America currently, and trying to find the time to blog about this crazy quirky place too..
      Sorry not to respond sooner


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