Leaving or coming home?

I’m in transit to NZ as I type this – exhausted in the lounge at Dubai.
I think a lot of the exhaustion is because i don’t know which way home is. The pain of being overseas away from my family will come from being overseas at ‘home’.
If I didn’t care about my family, or didn’t care about New Zealand, or didn’t care about where I lived none of this would matter. But clearly they all do matter – and should matter.

Here’s some of my problem:

In Paris before I flew out

So it will be hard for Chrissy and the girls not just because I am away but in particular because of where I am away to.
It has also made me realise that it is not just about being away from New Zealand, but being away from those places and people that are close to New Zealand – Australia for instance (my mother and our many friends over there). Even when we return later in the year for 4 weeks it is just not practical to get about and see everyone or cross the Tasman.
The world changes with children, and certainly expat life with firm roots half a world away is very different – it will be challenging enough flying them there and back in a month without the extra challenge of getting them all about the place.
As mentioned before – it also makes me think expat NZr’s in Europe are a hardy breed as must be expat European’s in NZ – the distances and logistics are not to be underestimated (as we did). I have a much better perspective as to why a colleague of mine returned to Munich from Wellington, even though she and her family appeared quite well adapted – I thought she was overly sensitive to her children. I now get it completely.
Anyway, this is my sixth time through Dubai, and each time I look at the barrenness and don’t get it. then it occurred to me if you unwrap even a city like Paris there are not many natural features left, and it is the structure and infrastructure and the people that make it so interesting and appealing. So for the first time, I am thinking… maybe a trip to Dubai with the family would be one way to guarantee a summer which has eluded us for over 20 months now!
Meantime New York to Washington DC is in line for hurricane Irene, hopefully forward planning, common sense and a bit of luck prevail for those that endure its strike.

2 thoughts on “Leaving or coming home?

  1. Hi Richard,
    Hang in there. Even bringing up a family in Aust. with all family support back in NZ can be tough at times. However you will all get through it and one day be able to look back and think of all the great things. We enjoyed our holiday in Dubai recently.
    Go the All Blacks for the World Cup eh!!

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