Learning from Japan

28 000 dead or missing.

Hundreds selflessly risking their lives working in excessively radioactive environments.

Hardly a complaint is heard.

I’m not sure there are many putting up their hands to go and help, including me.

How lucky I am.

How lucky we are.

How lucky, lucky, lucky.

I’ll be more circumspect before i feel I am missing something material, before I bloat my ego with feeling better than, more humble than, more committed, more fearless.

I’m me, this is my life and what i make of it, and all i need is right here within me.

Be ever grateful.

And for the first time since I was probably 14 or 15, I started to marvel at just how it came about that we do exist.

On any level it is a miracle, as is everything we have around us. And for that i am truly grateful.

And in parallel with that thought I had this thought – the dichotomy that when i die I may either find some of the answer, or i won’t know i am dead.

However, back to Japan.

All my warmth travels to you, I honour how you have honoured yourselves and shown the human race a way to be, it is very affirming.