Coming true

So I think in January I declared I would try hard, adapt, blah blah blah.

Well check this out…



OK so I’m cheating a bit – that is not Belgium – amazingly I’m only 30 kms from the sea and at over 2000 metres altitude! thats Tenerife where we went for a burst of sunshine – and unexpectedly we found the island positively amazing.

But this is in Belgium – at the Binche carnival- and now instead of saying I had a blast I think I’ll say I had a binche!!!

When you have two daughters you don't get to wear rugby jerseys!

When you have two daughters you don't get to wear rugby jerseys!

We had a great day, and following a happy break in Tenerife, things have been on the up. We have had 6 weeks of pretty remarkable weather- certainly early spring weather that would make Wellingtons envious (well it did us anyway).

We have adapted, adjusted. I think Chrissy more than I, still a bit too much rebel left with me – the bureaucracy here is truly something else.

We hit the bikes every weekend, have wonderful parks, lots of events and options and have met some wonderful people – including Belgians! I think also we have been to more parties in the last three months than in three years in Wellington!

The girls are storming at school – learning new language, proving popular, and getting to do lots they wouldn’t otherwise have had the chance to – just as we intended.

And so what have I learnt?

We were right, there was a rainbow… see this one in Tenerife as proof…

But like most rainbows, theres a bit of disruption to normal transmission preceding, during and sometimes after.

A book I am reading at present is called Happier – the author makes the point the objective isn’t happiness but to be happier. Think about that if you will.

I owe it to Chrissy that she dug in, we all dug in, and we knew that we would be happier.

And now we know the way, it is probably the best lesson of our lives together.

Nothing for granted.

Take your rose tinted glasses off.

Don’t run for cover.

What you resist resists.

It’s all in your head.

Other than that, it was just like the guide books promised.

And so as promised, from here forward I will be bringing reflections from a more adjusted, more mature, more worldly mindset.

I’ll leave it to Chrissy and her wonderful blog to bring through the travelogue – which in recent history has taken in Tenerife, London, Laon, Bouillon, Binche and Mechelen see her blog in addition to updating the wonderful things the girls are doing at school.

Meantime I must keep reminding myself as i join yet another insane queue, or answer another crazy request – it’s not them, it’s you!!

Tenerife 2011

Our wonderful children