When Can’t means Can

Well we’ve finally had a week without snow on the ground, and as postcard pretty as the snow looked it made life pretty grim when the sun shines for just a few hours a week. I have no idea how the people of the far north of Europe do it.
So even though there is next to no sun there is light on the horizon and winter starts to feel survivable again. It’s funny how we get stuck in a hole and imagine the rest of our future is in some interminable existence in the same hole ( or an even bigger one).
As they say – change your thinking, change your future.
And hence the title.
As soon as you think you can’t, you are right. The power comes from knowing you are right and not accepting the way you ‘can’t’ live, and finding a way that you can.
So for me once i realize I can’t I know I’m on the way to finding out a way that I can.
And I guess that is part of what creates the shock of settling into a new world. Your usual options are gone, or at best hidden, and nothing looks like it did before.
I think for me it is a taste of powerlessness ( wow is that a word?) which cripples many, it is also an insight to the delusion that afflicts others  whereby they think they can’t, or excuse themselves as not having a choice.
We always have a choice, and not making a choice is a choice in itself.
I puff my chest out around new year and declaring I have no need for new years resolutions – every day is a day for a new resolution.
So to hell with it. Here I am with my family in Antwerp, our girls are now spending much of their time in a high state of excitement. Every day is new and different and wonderful – come rain or shine ( or snow).
And so my resolution is this – I can (too).

And equipped with that I shouldn’t have a great need for too many more resolutions anyway.

Go well.